Feb 172010

Versiune în română

What do you do when you have no space to store your bicycles over winter? I guess the answer would be: you improvise 🙂

  6 Responses to “Hanging bicycles”

  1. haha, cute! hanging bicycles, i have to say you have a good eye!
    and why not, right?! space is just valuable! ^0^
    careful to those walking the area though, what if it falls down? …
    yikes! ^0^

  2. funny; people do have sense of humor and resourcefulness.

  3. Your Italian cousins do this either! You can see bicycles tied high to street signs, placed on balconies or even hanging chained to railings. I have to post some archive pictures of this!

  4. I've never seen this here…but maybe they do it in the larger cities. Great shots! I hope they are securely tied…could be a big surprise to people walking the streets below!

  5. I'm sure they would never allow that here.

  6. Gosh!!
    Here we have too many rules, and I can`t think we would have seen this.
    I find it UNIQUE, a bit funny and also quite a creative way to solve the space problem!:-)

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