Feb 042010

Versiune în română

I’m not sure if Bucharest has a law about sticking advertisement posters in public places, but if there is one, it’s being safely ignored 😉 In Bucharest you can find posters stuck on everything: on recycling bins or newsstands (as in today’s photograph), covering windows and glass doors of private buildings, on electrical panels and poles, on garbage cans, on bus stations, on all types of walls, on trees and fences. And the list can go on 🙂

  5 Responses to “Posters”

  1. That is truly ridiculous and ugly. Of course, the people could stop if they wanted to…just make it known that no one will patronize any business who sticks up a stupid poster where a stupid poster does not belong!

    Hey, you could put together a group of protestors!

    Let me know how things work out! 🙂

  2. If there isn't a law, there should be.

  3. This time you are overdone even us! One of the few laws strictly enforced here is the one about posters: they have their places and a stamp for the duties. Everything not in line is quickly removed or covered with white sheets and billed to the advertiser with a fine.

  4. i'm not against posters, in fact, i love it, i just hope they stick into the right place.
    i think i'm used to this kind of random mess! ^0^
    in here, even if there's a law prohibiting these posters,
    they're everywhere!
    sad to say, nobody's doing anything about it.

  5. In London, these "fly posters" were all over. Here in orderly, small town Germany, they have official Litfaßsäulen for this purpose. On the recycling containers, we just have graffiti.

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