Feb 132010

Versiune în română

Finally! The temperature is above zero. To be more exact my outside thermometer is registering 5 degrees Celsius at this moment (2PM). It’s the second time the temperature raised above zero in the last week (the other time it happened was on Tuesday). Snow’s melting and walking the sidewalks in the city center feels like being in the shower because of the water dripping from the roofs. Which is why the statues in today’s photographs look like they just took a bath.

  6 Responses to “Showers”

  1. I hope snow keeps melting and the temperature going up. It may be a mess but it sounds like spring… Maybe it's too early for this!

  2. What magnificent, decorated architecture! I want a tour of Bucharest! I wish we could see inside some of those gems – maybe I'm just too nosy or curious?

  3. I like the details and textures in this beauty.

  4. i'm glad the snow has finally reached its peak. ^0^
    i hope the weather goes well from now on.

  5. A very cold bath! Glad your temperature's finally getting warmer.

    Such magnificent details on this building! The small balcony with the two little boys is especially charming.

  6. Excellent detail, though sprinkled with a little snow 🙂

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