Apr 122010

Versiune în română

First of all sorry for the late posting. I’m on the road again and when one’s traveling things don’t always work out as expected. But all’s well that ends well and since I have a place to sleep for the night and an Internet connection I’m all good and ready to post 🙂

Very close to the flying cow villa from yesterday’s photo lies another interesting building, also located on Calea Dorobanţi. This one is decorated with ornamental panels showing the zodiac signs, which I think make a rather non interesting building look nice. The apartment complex was built in 1946 by architects Radu Dudescu and Mircea Marinescu and the ornamental panels were executed by Constantin Baraschi.

Mar 102010

Versiune în română

As you can see above, the house in today’s photo has quite an unusual roof. It was the house of Alexandru Dimitriu (1871-1955) a skillful metalworker who between 1900 and 1940 built and designed a number of metallic roofs and cupolas in Bucharest. His works can still be admired today at the Romanian Athenaeum, the Northern Train Station, the Palace of Patriarchy, the District 1 City Hall (which also has an armored knight atop its tower), the nowadays National Library, the Silvestru Church, to name a few. The armored knight that he placed on the roof of his own house holds a hammer in one hand, a mark of the owner’s trade. I think it looks quite unusual.