Mar 082010

Versiune în română

Not a very inspiring photo but I couldn’t think of anything else for this subject. On March 8th we celebrate International Women’ Day, another occasion for men to express their love for the women in their lives. Wikipedia has a very interesting page on this subject. They describe Women’s Day being celebrated in Eastern Europe as a mixture between Mother’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day. I think that’s a very good description. Most men just buy flowers for the women close to them or for the women they know they’re going to meet on March 8th and a gift for the wife/girlfriend. As this follows very close to Mărţisor celebration I have to say that March must be the best month for a Romanian florist.

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  1. Happy Women’s Day to you!

  2. Good point. Florists and calendar-makers are clearly in cahoot! 😉

  3. It’s a beautiful arrangement and a beautiful expression of love. This day is not celebrated in the US much so far as I know; but I think it’s a wonderful thing!

  4. This time they are not very happy, Per: March 8 came with low temperatures this year. A strong wind joined in, while everything turned into snow and blizzard in the late afternoon / evening. The poor florists were almost imploring people to buy flowers near the subway exit as I came home at 7 PM. RON 2 (USD 0.66) for a bunch of flowers is very low for special occasions like this, but, when one’s hands freeze and frozen flowers are no longer good for sale the following day, it isn’t funny anymore.

  5. Just read your Bill Bryson joke…all I could think of was “poor cow”! And I remember a Vietnam vet telling how you never found any cats in Vietnam. And if you saw a woman with a cleaver running down the street you could be pretty sure she was chasing a cat for dinner!

  6. My personal opinion is that here, in Italy, this has become a very politicized holiday. Many people, not only men, try to find a way around it in a very Italian manner…
    My best wishes to you for this holiday, I like your flowers much more than the mimosas pestering offices in these days.

    What is this Bryson joke I missed?

  7. Happy Women’s Day! I might just pick up some flowers for my wife on my way home from work today! Lovely flowers there, Andreea!

  8. Bucharestian: You’re right, this year they weren’t so happy.

    VP: Jacob photographed some cows standing peacefully behind a fence and I told him that it reminds me of something I read in a Bill Bryson book about cows being the best pets. “To my mind, the only possible pet is a cow. Cows love you. . . . They will listen to your problems and never ask a thing in return. They will be your friends forever. And when you get tired of them, you can kill and eat them. Perfect.”

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