Mar 072010

Versiune în română

I’ve talked before about Cişmigiu Park, one of my favorite places in Bucharest. It’s a lovely park where I always find something to photograph. In my previous posts about Cişmigiu – which can be found under the namesake tag – I’ve showed you some of its landmarks. Today I’m adding two more photos to this collection, both of the same statue, called The Black Woman ( “Negresa” in Romanian, bearing no offensive connotation). I’m guessing it is called like that because of its color, because the subject doesn’t really have the features of a black woman. In one of my books on Bucharest I’ve seen it called “The Nymph of the Lake” but I didn’t hear anyone using this name.

  4 Responses to “The Black Lady”

  1. A lovely park and a truly lovely sculpture! I would guess that normally there would be more water in what appears to a pond surrounding her…

  2. A lovely statue that adds much to the beauty of the park.

  3. a very lady-like sculpture, perfect in this kind of setting.

  4. A very nice statue, but you made me smile for another reason. In Italian negro was a perfectly neutral word with absolutely no negative meaning, if not forced by other words. Now its use is almost forbidden and we must use nero, which is black, instead.

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