Mar 122010

Versiune în română

I woke up yesterday morning, March 11, to discover that it was snowing heavily outside. I don’t think there’s anyone out there to deny that this winter was a rather harsh one. Usually, at the beginning of March, Bucharest enjoys a warmer weather, with a bit of sun. Well, not this year. Climate change anyone?

By today the snow has turned to rain and whatever gathered on the ground turned into a disagreeable slush.

  5 Responses to “Bucharest under snow, again”

  1. I remember that slush. That is one of the reasons I moved South.

  2. This winter has not been harsh, but fair. It has made Bucharest drivers move their asses and walk or take the subway for a change and it has showed them how impotent they are without their colored shiny boxes. And then, the city looked much better under a 2 (or 20) inch layer of snow. Let it snow.

  3. To be honest, I do miss winter very much, longing to feel it with every sense.
    Of great joy to discover your site, as a long time ago started to “fall in love” with your country.
    Please have a wonderful start into the weekend.

  4. Oh yuck, that slush does not look very friendly to shoes and feet. Sorry to hear about your weather. Unfortunately, the ill effects of climate change are felt the world over. We’ve had a drought for several weeks already and our summer has just begun. Of course, it’s our poor farmers who are hardest hit by it. When will we ever learn how to take better care of our world? :'(

  5. This mixed rain and snow which disturbs your walk is pretty shitty. It will render everybody’s shoes unusable 🙂 We call it « kisha » in Bulgarian and it happens every time the snow starts to melt itself 😛

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