Mar 042010

Versiune în română

Let’s try a guessing game. Look at the photo above and try to guess where it was taken. You are very likely to have seen something similar, because according to wikipedia there’s 140 similar places around the world. The hints are: cocktails, American food, music and memorabilia. The walls should be a dead giveaway. Best place for nachos in Bucharest 🙂

  8 Responses to “Guess”

  1. Looks just like home.

  2. More hints: it lies in Herastrau, Bucharest’s widest park, and it is the largest joint this restaurant chain holds in Europe (it can get 300 folks inside and 180 on the summer terrace).

  3. I like the photo a lot….I’d say it was taken at a Hard Rock Cafe!

  4. I’d bet Hard Rock Cafe’ too! The electric guitars on the wall made it a dead give away! I drove past a Hard Rock Cafe in Bangalore, India last year in February. We have a Hard Rock Cafe’ in Minneapolis.

  5. Andreea—
    That look in my photo depends on a lot of things when shooting “wide open.” email me and I’ll explain how you can do it.

  6. “Take Time to Be Kind” was revealing and you helped us a lot anyway.

  7. your killing me here with all the vague hints,
    lucky guess would be hard rock also… ^0^
    the setting’s so not european, that’s for sure!

  8. guinness pub

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