Mar 052010

Versiune în română

After two weeks of somewhat warmer temperatures and a trace of the sun shining through, someone up there decided that the citizens of Bucharest have behaved badly and need to be punished. As if the grey sky and the rain weren’t enough, today we got ourselves a bit of sleet.

  3 Responses to “Bad, bad weather”

  1. I always try to take pictures when it’s raining but your first image is a masterpiece, even if behind a glass. Love the other one, the cold is back here either.

  2. Lovely pic (the first one) but why so much pessimism in the adjoining text? I love it when something like this happens. Drivers go silent and dumb, the city goes quiet, people are afraid as if some WW3 was about to happen. There is a sense of alien (like in Hitchcock’s “The Birds”) occupation that is simply overwhelming and nevertheless captivating. Take people to the limit, put them in an awkward, unfamiliar situation and you will see their barren inner self 😉

  3. Bucharestian: I guess coane that my barren inner self is one longing for the sun 🙂

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