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Versiune în română

Today is Theme Day at the City Daily Photo community, a monthly event that happens the first day of every month, when all participating blogs will post a picture that relates to the theme day’s description. Today’s theme is: Passageway. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

The covered English Passage is one of Bucharest’s historical passages linking Calea Victoriei with Academiei Street. It was built in 1885 and took its name from Hotel English which stood at one end of the passage, on Calea Victoriei. Some of the hotel rooms were located inside the passage. A few years later the hotel was converted into a luxury brothel (!), very famous at the times. The brothel lasted until 1947 when it was closed by the communists and the building was changed into apartments building. As you can see from the picture the passage is in really bad shape, even though I’ve read somewhere that it’s on the list of historical monuments. I hope the money to repair it will be found soon, before the passage is lost forever.

  7 Responses to “Theme Day: Passageway”

  1. Those damn commies didn’t want people to have any fun! 😉

    I hope you’re right and this place is restored. It looks very old but has it’s own beauty.

  2. hi andreea, a pity that it’s in bad shape, it seems to be a perfect walkway, like shortcut route from the other end, unfortunately, we have lots of dilapidated ones here too.
    i do hope that it’s on the top list of the must do’s,
    ps: i love this new “look” on your blog, ^0^ it looks more sophisticated.

  3. I like the grittiness of the images. The urban texture, it’s all incredibly cool, but I do hope it’s salvaged and not lost forever 🙂

  4. Even the comrades do something right, at times. This looks a very interesting place, as they say: with a lot of potential. A pity is in this sorry state, I hope something find soon something good to do with it.

  5. Andreea – you’ve made a bunch of big changes on your CDP blog!

    Great passageway photos for today’s theme day!

  6. I can actually imagine the women of the brothel sitting on the balconies and calling out to the men entering the passageway!

    Yes, I hope your city will be able to repair it soon. We have the same problem.

  7. This is great.

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