Apr 252010

Versiune în română

This is my favorite bookstore in my home city of Bucharest. It started with a small shop which opened in 2000 and turned into a chain and a strong cultural brand with many locations in Bucharest and the rest of the country. My favorite location is the one shown in the photo, which is located on Arthur Verona Street, in a beautiful 19th century mansion with high ceilings and big rooms. In my opinion it has the best collection of books in Bucharest, DVDs and CDs and a very nice tea room. It also has a decent collection of English books so if you’re in Bucharest and don’t read Romanian you can still check it out. The house was expanded last year by joining it with an adjacent one and now the selection of books is even better, there’s a cafe in the basement and a garden cafe in the summer. Plenty of cultural events take place here including book launches, concerts, exhibitions and multimedia events.

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