Apr 062010

Versiune în română

The other highlight of the Easter meal, from my point of view, is this traditional dessert, called cozonac which, as I discovered, has it own wikipedia page. It’s traditionally prepared for every major holiday (Christmas, Easter, New Year) and in taste is similar to the Italian Panettone. It’s not easy baking a good cozonac. My grandmother used to bake a very good one but unfortunately the tradition stopped with her: my mom never got it right and I never tried to bake one. Only reading the recipe makes me want to give up 🙂

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  1. Practice, practice, practice!

  2. Or maybe… buy, buy, buy! 😉

    What’s the quality like if one were to go out and purchase some cozonac?

  3. This brought back some memories. It looks nice. And it reminds me of a cake I am not shore is typical Norwegian. It could have been from another country. Anyway, if you google; bestemors marmorkake, that means grandmothers marmorcake you will find images etc. Interesting post.

  4. I would definitely like to try some of that dessert! I challenge you to learn how to make it so someday when we meet, we can enjoy it together!

  5. Hei Gunn,

    Cozonac and marmorkage are two different things. The Cozonac is more like a bread consistency, and the brown filling is a mix of nuts, chocolate and “turkish delight”. The marmorkage (marble cake) is a sugary, semi-liquid dough, that makes a more crumbly and sweet cake. The marble pattern in that one is formed by adding cocoa to half the dough.

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