Apr 022010

Versiune în română

This was my second choice for yesterday’s Theme Day: Easter eggs colored by my mother-in-law, to be enjoyed on Sunday.

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  1. Your choice for yesterday was good, but I like this much more. Symmetry and color make this original picture almost perfect. Compliments to your mother-in-law, another Romanian word quite similar to the Italian ‘suocera’!

  2. This a very cool entry on the RED thing!

  3. Those look like great EAster eggs! We will color eggs tomorrow as a family. I didn’t know that you are married until I read Mother-in-law.
    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  4. What a joy to see. Over here in Greece they are usually red as well. In the afternoon one will hold an egg in the hand and tries to “break” the one of someone else. Maybe you are having an alike tradition.

    Please have you all a wonderful weekend and Easter celebration as well.

  5. We have the same custom here, were one tries to break the egg of somebody else. During this game, one says “Christ has resurrected” and the other one replies “Indeed, he has resurrected” (“Cristos a înviat”, “Adevărat a înviat”). Back when I was living in NJ, studying for my MS at Rutgers we used to attend Easter at a Greek Church (there was no Romanian church nearby) so I know the Greek equivalent “Xristos a nesti” – “Alithos a nesti”.

  6. VP: I checked the origin of the word in the Romanian dictionary and it says soacră comes from the Latin words socra, socrus.

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