Apr 012010

Versiune în română

Today is Theme Day at the City Daily Photo community, a monthly event that happens the first day of every month, when all participating blogs will post a picture that relates to the theme day’s description. Today’s theme is: Red. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

I’ve spotted this red truck a few days ago while strolling through Cişmigiu Park on a sunny day. I’m guessing it’s being used for the park’s spring cleaning.

  5 Responses to “Theme Day: Red”

  1. Oh, come one, Andreea! We know that’s YOUR red tractor! Just right for theme day!

  2. A red tractor in the middle of your beautiful green park: this is a very good choice for this Theme Day!

  3. I like! Very nice photograph. It looks quite old but also quite serviceable.

  4. Guess it takes at least as much patience and passion to keep this tractor running and alive, as the park itself.

    Please have a nice Good Friday.

  5. A nice choice. Did you take it for a ride?

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