May 062010

Versiune în română

  7 Responses to “My home phone booth is my castle”

  1. ow! he looks adorable andreea, i;m assuming it’s a “he”. ^0^
    a stray dog perhaps, now i guess, the booth’s off limits to anyone who’s going to use it. ^-^

  2. It is said that every Mr.Bones is able to “enter paradiese” in the far away Tim Buktu – maybe he just called…a sad sight, which, I have to admit, one finds over here far too often.
    A peacefull Friday for you.

  3. A very funny catch! Not a bad accommodation, I have seen worse for humans!

  4. This is a great photo – poignant, even. I wonder if the phone booth is used as a phone booth. I don’t think we have any of these anymore…I can’t recall having seen one in years. Everyone’s walking around with a cell phone coming out of their ear!

  5. This is so adorable !

  6. Everyone has mobile phones these days. Might as well turn the phone booths into dog kennels

  7. Is this the Romanian reincarnation of Dr. Who? :):)

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