May 112010

Versiune în română

Ceauşescu’s regime left Bucharest with many dark legacies incluging his Civic Center project which I mentioned before on this blog. Many buildings intended to be part of this new image of Bucharest were unfinished when the communists were forced to give up power at the end of 1989. Some of the buildings were completed later, but the one in today’s reflection did not share their fate. This massive edifice which is supposed to be the new house of the National Library collection is still half way to being ready. Work on the building stopped in 1986, even though the building was supposed to be ready in 1989. Finally, more than 20 years later, work was restarted last year and these day we can see it progressing slowly.

  2 Responses to “Reflection series #10”

  1. Every thing good, takes its time.

    A wonderful Thursday for you. Briliant photography.

  2. a good reflection, i like the mirror effect better.
    i somehow find it hard trying to catch one,
    maybe our water here’s really polluted. ^0^

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