Jun 242010

Versiune în română

Today’s photograph shows the balcony of an old house (circa 1860s) on Franceză Street, in Bucharest’s Old Town. The house is in a bad shape, with crumbling walls and peeling paint but someone went to the trouble of decorating the balcony – as they knew best 🙂

  5 Responses to “Balcony, Old Town”

  1. What an honest and beautiful sight. Please have a wonderful start into the weekend.

  2. You know just how to capture the beauty and positive of that balcony on that building! Nice to catch up on your blog today!

  3. This is one of the reasons Bucharest is one of my favorite cities. It often takes some effort to see the beauty amidst the bleakness, which only makes the beauty even more so. It’s a city that can only really be appreciated and enjoyed by true optimists, who look at a glass as being half full and not half empty. In Paris, polished, well-tended beauty comes as easy as falling off a log. In Bucharest, one has to search and adjust perspectives and give a little of themselves. I love the beauty of Paris, but because you generally appreciate more those things which you invest more of yourself in, Bucharest is much more rewarding for me.

  4. jjoyce: 🙂 My thinking exactly … on most days 🙂

  5. Finally, someone that sees past that melting asphalt.

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