Jul 232011

Versiune în română

Today’s photo probably doesn’t mean much for my non-Romanian visitors. It’s a humorous yet sad poster that I’ve found in the city center, which pokes fun at the recent results registered at the Baccalaureate exam. The Baccalaureate is a comprehensive exam held in Romania when one graduates high school. This year the news that shocked the nation was that only 44.5% of the high school students passed the Baccalaureate, the poorest results in the last 20 years. Many of the students failed the Romanian language exam which I believe is mandatory for everyone, no matter the profile of the high school (science, arts etc). This failure is ridiculed by the poster, which reads “Do you know why I didn’t pass the “Bac” this year? Cause I wrote many pages”. The funny part is that every word without exception is spelled incorrectly. Even funnier is that someone answered the question by writing “You didn’t sign the paper” also in incorrect spelling.

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