Dec 172011

Versiune în română

The two photographs from today, shot in Herăstrău Park, are not characteristic for Bucharest. They could as well be shot somewhere else in the world. I took them while I was out for a walk, experimenting with the camera, trying different framings and exposures and not looking to necessarily capture “the spirit of Bucharest”.

  3 Responses to “2 shots in Herăstrău Park”

  1. Love any and all pictures of my favorite park in Bucharest. Especially love the flowers and vase pic. Pretty simple but it seems to really stand out. I think I’ll use it for my desktop to brighten up these winter days. Keep ’em coming!

  2. P.S. Wow, it looks even better on my desktop!

  3. Thanks chris, that sounds very nice. I’ll try to keep them coming 🙂

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