Oct 032012

Versiune în română

Probably not for long but still … It’s October 3rd and the temperature outside is 24C. Last week the temperatures went up to 32C a few days in a row. Looks like summer’s still lingering in Bucharest. I know this is not normal weather for October but you won’t hear any complaints from me. The summer terraces are still open and I don’t have to wear any heavy clothing.

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  1. I really enjoy looking at your photos, please continue too post them they are great

  2. What camera and lens are you using?

  3. Thanks for the nice words Graham. I’m using a Canon EOS 5D with an all purpose 24-105mm lens. My first SLR was a Canon – Rebel X with film, that I bought on sale back in 2000 – and since that time I’ve only used Canon. I’m very pleased with the 5D, the photos are very sharp; I also like the fact that is full frame so when I use the lens on 24mm is actually 24. Traveling though Europe it’s useful to be able to photograph wide angle; there’s always the town church that occupies the whole square and it can’t be captured unless you have a wide-angle lens (but wide angle lenses are very expensive)

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