Oct 072009

Versiunea în română

After a gloomy weekend, the sun decided to make an appearance on Monday, which turned out to be a pretty beautiful day. In the afternoon I went out to enjoy the sun and saw that the city was buzzing with people enjoying the nice weather. On my stroll around the old town I noticed the terraces on Smârdan were just starting to fill up. On a previous post I was talking about the on-going renovation of the Old Town. Even though the project is far from being over, this year the Old Town saw an explosion of new cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants. Many of these new establishments lie on Smârdan Street, which is the subject of my photo of the day. Smârdan has already been repaved and all summer it served as one of the favourite evening meeting places in Bucharest. Compared to other outing areas of Bucharest the neighborhood still has a laid back vibe that I like. Trying to navigate the street on a Saturday night proves a mighty task because tables fill the street wall to wall.

  5 Responses to “Old Town renewal”

  1. They did a very good work, fine place, I can imagine it at night!

  2. Everything looks so new and inviting. I can understand why this area would attract people at night. It looks safe.

  3. looks very quiet during daytime but i bet it;s pretty crowded and noisy at night! ^-^

  4. To be honest the entire street doesn't really look like this 🙂 I just happened to catch it from a good angle. There are many buildings on this street that still need renovation.

  5. You photographed it very well! I don't mind that many buildings in this street are still in need of renovation. I think they did a good job even though this is just the beginning.

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