Oct 082009

Versiune în română

I wonder if the intention in painting these benches in Cişmigiu Park in red, yellow and blue was to make them look like the Romanian flag? In this case they should be grouped in threes rather than twos.

  6 Responses to “Patriotic benches? :)”

  1. Funny image. I think you may be right about the intention and the doubt. Someone even had a change of mind on the first bench…

  2. So the colours of the Romanian flag are red blue and yellow? I wouldn't recognize your country's flag if I saw it so I think I'll find a photo of it on the Internet.

  3. I just searched for the Romanian flag on the Internet and discovered it's blue, yellow and red so I suspect you are correct about the colour of the benches.

  4. I guess I would have gone for the BLUE or RED painted benches.
    I like places with benches, and shops with sofas.

    Have a nice weekend, and do not forget your camera!

    Hope to see more from your big city.

  5. These are rather nice park benches. Seems like the red one in the foreground was blue before.

  6. The faded colours of the benches along with the fallen leaves make for a very atmospheric shot

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