Oct 222009

Versiune în română

In today’s picture we have the Unirea Shopping Center that I mentioned in my yesterday’s post. It was built in 1977, during the communist regime. I tried to remember when was the last time that I saw the facade of this building but I can’t remember. What I can tell you is that for a long time it’s been covered by these huge advertisement panels. And since we have no choice but to cope with this visual pollution, I thought I’ll have some fun with it and took these reflection photos. The building is reflecting in the fountains that I also mentioned yesterday, which as you can see are in dire need of a cleaning.

  5 Responses to “Reflections”

  1. You actually made it look attractive by catching its reflection as well! It's sad to me that advertising signs are plastered over the shopping centre, though. My "perfect world" wouldn't be this commercial.

  2. they're too plenty but ads are ads right? and i can see mC donalds from afar. ^0^
    the mirror image looks nice apart from the sort of taken for granted fountain that needs a major makeover. ^-^

  3. I would be curious to know if what is covered is better than these ads, probably the easy way out without refurbishing the facades and make some money on the side. You really did a good job with these reflections, some ads are so funky that they are quite nice…

  4. This is like the Union Square photo. The subject matter is so ugly that it ends up being fascinatingly pretty.

  5. Yikes! That is what I would call advertisement out of control. These ads are probably great to cover up damages in the facade. (;

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