Oct 232009

Versiune în română

Yesterday I took some nightly photos of Bucharest and I will be bombarding you with them the next few days. For today we have the roundabout at the University Square.

  9 Responses to “Bucharest at night”

  1. Fabulous! I love night shots of big cities! 🙂

  2. fancy night lights! ^-^ and bombarding us with these sights… why not?!

  3. Bucharest looks pretty at night. You seem to be looking down onto the city. Were you up in a tower?

  4. First question, from where this picture was taken? Beautiful image, please continue the raid…

  5. Beautiful. This shot makes Bucharest look so alive, a vibrant city even at night. Love the angle of the shot. You must have been on an upper floor of a tall building.

  6. I was on the 22nd floor of Hotel Intercontinental.

  7. Well, that was in a way the answer to my question.
    A very nice night shot!

  8. Night shots are very compelling. This one is excellent!

  9. Buna. Intrucat nu am gasit o adresa de e-mail pe care sa iti scriu, iti cer aici permisiunea de a folosi aceasta fotografie in realizarea unei imagini mai ample a Bucurestiului, ilustratie ce va fi folosita ca background pentru o pagina a unui site. Imi poti raspunde pe adresa de e-mail.
    Multumesc, A.H.

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