Nov 122009

Versiune în română

This message written on the pavement is part of a campaign for the integration of gypsies. They appeared all over the city center about two or three weeks ago. The message reads “I am romani (the pc way to say gypsy) and I’m tired to be stepped on every day. Give me a chance. Know me before you judge me!”. It would be good if this campaign would change opinions but I doubt it. There were other campaigns like this in the past but the situation is unchanged. But, gypsies aside, what everybody should learn from this message is that we should try to get to know people before we judge them.

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  1. well said! ^-^
    simply: don;t judge a book by its cover…

  2. Interesting campaign !

  3. Excellent post. How I wish the campaign would be effective.

  4. We do know gypsies very well, as most of us do. They got even free houses and school for their kids here. Nothing changed.

  5. Vogon Poet: I hear you and you are right. It's even more difficult to integrate someone who doesn't care to be integrated. My idea was that we shouldn't judge someone in particular because they belong to a certain ethnic group. I met gypsies who were well educated and very decent people and willing to live and work like anyone else. And I've met the other kind too, many more of them unfortunately. But I've also seen people telling gypsies to leave the store because they were afraid something would get stolen. That I don't agree with but I know that it's hard to trust someone who time and time again has proven not worthy of trust. Something should change on both sides before the situation becomes better.

  6. I can't agree with this, I live in an historically tolerant city and most of the people I know have nothing against gypsies per se.
    But they seem to take advantage of any act of kindness toward them and even good people get wary. I think is their turn to show something new to us.

  7. I absolutely agree to your message! I think it is wrong to judge people before you get a chance to know them. It is also wrong to judge all people of a certain group only because a few of them behave badly. I believe this is where racism starts. I strongly believe there are good and bad people in every ethnic group.

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