Nov 112009

Versiune în română

Today’s photo shows another beautiful sculpture in Cişmigiu Park, the Monument of the French Soldiers, which honors the French soldiers who died on Romanian soil during the First World War. It seems to be the most popular monument in the park cause every time I pass by I see people taking pictures of it. It depicts a French soldier dying in the arms of a Romanian peasant woman. It was unveiled in October 1922 in the presence of French Marshal Ferdinand Foch. The sculptor Ion Jalea, a war veteran himself, was awarded the “National Order of the Legion of Honour”, the highest decoration in France.

  8 Responses to “The Monument of the French Soldiers”

  1. Andreea – what a beautiful and moving sculpture especially today on Veterans Day! We will honor two local WWII veterans in our EAGAN Rotary lunch meeting today. Thanks for your recent comments! Ciao bella

  2. I agree with Leif. This is such a moving tribute. Excellent post for today.

  3. I can understand its popularity — it is beautiful and very moving. My hair stood on end when I saw it.

  4. Tt brought tears to my eyes, not just because it's sad but also because it's beautiful.

  5. a poignant tale indeed. i like how it was described,not just in romanian but in french as well. ^-^

  6. A solemn, old fashioned monument of the kind I like. Intersting bilingual inscription. I would definitely take a picture of it, even more than one…

  7. This is indeed a very beautiful sculpture but one must not forget its purpose. It's created to lull people into a romantic nationalism to subliminally prepare for war or revenge by keeping the memory of loss and pain alive. Sadly, these heroic sculptures can be found all over the western world.

  8. As the last veterans pass away (World remembers sacrifice of World War I lost generation), the statues remain.

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