Nov 292009

Versiune în română

After talking about serious subjects for the last few days I thought that it’s time for something lighter: a cute stencil graffiti I found in the Old Town.

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  1. I see a lot of cats around this morning. The stenciled chat noir is quite fun, almost Modiglianesque…

  2. Nice! Stencils are my favourite kind of graffiti/street art. (I have a few on my site too!)

  3. What a sweet-talking bear. I bet he gets all the girls.

  4. i can see that you like graffitis esp that of stenciled arts! ^-^
    the cat looks very charming though…reminds me of something i've seen before like a logo or a cartoon character, but can;t remember the name.

  5. Stencil graffiti? I haven't seen any here but I live in the country. Next time I go to Toronto I'll have to pay more attention.

  6. You can check on my site some new stencil graffiti I’ve collected – daily updated. The city is amazing, it has a huge reserve of graffiti, just pay attention and look closer.

  7. You do realize that bear is related to pedophilia? When I googled cute stencils and this popped up I was confused.

  8. Katie: I had no idea, I’m not an expert on graffiti. Now I wonder if I should take it down.

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