Nov 052009

Versiune în română

For today, a photograph from the Roman Square, (Piaţa Romană in Romanian) which I mentioned in the She Wolf post last week. The Roman Square is a major traffic intersection in downtown Bucharest. Set around 1900, the square has a circular shape and a big roundabout. Three major boulevards intersect here. What you see in the picture is the southeast corner. The square is served by a subway station and is a major transport hub for buses and taxis. The huge Coca Cola bottle pouring into a glass stuck to the side of the building has been there for more than two years (if I remember correctly). I took the picture at the beginning of September. It will be some time before we see a sky so blue again.

  6 Responses to “The Roman Square”

  1. Great urban photo of that square! The coca-cola bottle and glass caught my attention immediately. Cheers!

  2. Roman Square, American Coca-Cola, German Raiffeisen Bank, English Vodafone. Is there anything Romanian?

  3. I see a strange pile with something like flowers at the center of the roundabout, anything interesting?

  4. AB: What can I say? We live in the age of globalization. Besides, before 1990 almost all products were Romanian but I wouldn't got back to that 🙂

    Vogon Poet: Nothing there, just an futile attempt by the city hall to make the city look "greener" 🙂 That is after giving permission to companies to build in parks therefore reducing the insufficient green space that Bucharest has.

  5. of course the coca cola is always eye catching! ^0^
    that's a unique advert…

  6. You can practically feel the hustle and bustle of this square. Great photo!

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