Dec 052009

Versiune în română

Who is Mitică? I was surprised to find out that there is wikipedia page dedicated to this fictional character who is supposed to portray the stereotype of the average citizen of Bucharest circa 1900. He appears in a series of stories by the Romanian writer I. L. Caragiale published in 1901. His specialty was delivering sarcastic catchphrases, some of which people still use today. The tall doll that you see in the picture was created by the “I love Bucharest” project; it is part of a set of 10 characters which were the objects of a cultural tresure hunt game that took place last September. The characters were displayed in the city center near Bucharest’s historical sights and they offered clues that would guide your itinerary and lead you to find Mitică. The dolls were created by artists with the help of children and high school students. Mitică can still be seen – I don’t know for how long though – in front of the Caru cu bere Restaurant in the Old Town.

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  1. I have just lost myself in the funny and very interesting page on Wikipedia you linked. After some Serbian vanilla and few Trajan's pictures, I know a little more of this Mitică character and of the life in Bucharest at the time.

  2. Fun capture of Mitica! I would have run over to put my face through the cut out photo next to him!

  3. Mitică sounds like an endearing character with a great sense of humour. That's something to celebrate! And he has now been around for more than a century.

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