Dec 062009

Versiune în română

I guess you know by now that I like graffiti, since I’ve posting many examples of street art on this blog. I don’t like all of it, in general I like it if it’s witty or it has some sort of message, be it cultural, social or political. But in case of today’s example I have no idea what the street artist was trying to express here. I can say that I like its colors and that these look to me like some sort of hostile aliens. What do you think the artist was trying to say?

  4 Responses to “Colored stencil graffiti”

  1. It remind me of aliens in yellow, magenta and cyan. A quite funny choice of colors, or some secret code…

  2. I think that they look like rock-guitar playing aliens. I hope they have some good numbers in their repertoire when they come to visit us.

  3. Sadly, it looks like a call to arms. I hope I'm totally wrong about that! The world doesn't need any more terrorism.

  4. It’s the radiohead minotaur. check out the liner notes of Ok Computer

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