Dec 292009

Versiune în română

I’m not sure what the idea is here, maybe some sort of role playing. But is it Woody that plays Mona Lisa or the other way around? I think it looks interesting nevertheless.

  7 Responses to “Meet Mona Woodpecker”

  1. Interesting find. Is this the latest hairstyle in Bucharest?

  2. 🙂 Who knows. Since the 80s are all the rage now and this looks a bit like the 80s …

  3. You have very creative and funny stencil artists!

  4. Someone with an artistic bent has an interesting sense of humour. 🙂

  5. You're the first Google result for Mona Woodpecker after only 24 hours. Wow! I don't know what devious scheme you're cooking, but it's working fast.

  6. Poooooor Leonardo da Vinci – he's rolling over in his grave! Fun and funny photo of Mona!
    Happy New Year, Andreea! All the best

  7. Catalin: That's what happens when you have the right connections 🙂

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