Dec 072009

Versiune în română

I’m still trying to come to peace with this cold giant who became a symbol of Bucharest. To me the Palace of Parliament will always be a glimpse into Romania’s communist past. Here it is for you (again): surreal in size and probably consuming as much electricity as 100 villages.

  7 Responses to “Palace of Parliament at night”

  1. I can understand how anyone would have mixed feeling about this building. I've seen a TV documentary about it. It was absolutely breathtaking on the inside.

  2. In your beautiful photo I almost like the huge and graceless building. Any plan to modernize or creatively restyling it?

  3. Sounds like there are many issues connected to this building, but your photo of it all lit up like this at night is just gorgeous!

  4. ^0^ perhaps that is too much light but with those flickering at night,it seems so magical and pretty!

  5. It looks pretty with a hundred villages worth of lighting. In the daylight, it is a ugly as sin.

  6. AB 🙂 You're right about that.

  7. Splendid night photo. But why waste all that electricity at night?

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