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Versiune în română

I confess to be a fan of between the war architecture. I think you guessed that already, since this series has reached part 6. Modernist, Bauhaus, Art Deco, I like all the flavors and shapes. Maybe that’s why I like strolling on Boulevards Bălcescu and Magheru, despite the fact that they get the most traffic in Bucharest. Many of the buildings that line these boulevards were built in the 20s and 30s and from my point of view they are an architectural feast. I’ve already showed you one example of a Magheru building back in December and today’s photograph shows another one, “Creditul Minier” apartment building (Blocul Creditul Minier in Romanian), located on the corner of Bălcescu Bouvelard and Batiştei Street. It was built in 1937 by architect State Baloşin. I like its higher corner element and the way it is integrated in the structure. I also like its Art Deco balconies. For almost half a year I’ve tried to capture this building without a banner, but that proved to be mission impossible.

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  1. That's quite a monumental apartment building! The banner advertising spot must be quite popular and expensive! I guess the apartments are quite expensive based on the location?! Bucharest has some amazing architecture – thanks for being such a great "tour guide", Andreea!

  2. i think that;s one thing we have in common, the banners and the exposed wires! ^0^ it's indeed a very busy district.

  3. It is a cool building, I see why you like it so much! Does the banner cover windows? It wouldn't be much fun to have those rooms.

  4. Great building, bad banner… I love this kind of architecture too!

  5. I know nothing about architecture except that sometimes I like what I see…and I like this! So, I guess I'm a between-the-war aficionado, also!

    Nice shot, Andreea!

  6. Leif: You guessed right, this is prime time real estate, smack downtown and therefore costs a lot to rent, especially the commercial spaces on the first floor. It is probably the most expensive avenue in terms of rent in Bucharest.

    arabesque: 🙂

    lizziviggi: Yes, it covers some of the windows and I'm with you, I wouldn't like to be living in those rooms either. Usually the people living in those apartments get a deal and have their utilities payed by the advertisement company.

    Robert: I remember you showing us all those Art Deco beauties in BA.

    Jacob: Thanks.

  7. Great building, really well placed. I'd like to see a picture of this twenty years ago, no banners then I suppose. I am with you about between the wars architecture, it's a pity that some of our didn't survive the second war…

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