Jan 062010

Versiune în română

And finally I present to you the last photos in the snow series, all taken two days ago in my favourite park, Cişmigiu. Looks like the subzero cold wasn’t enough to keep people from coming to the park. Lots of folks were out and about strolling the alleys; it’s true that nobody was sitting on the benches for a chat 🙂 I’ve met quite a few fellows with their cameras and even compared photo equipment with a couple (they had a Nikon while I’m part of the Canon team). As you can see in the above photo, someone was feeding the pigeons just as I entered the park. Here comes the rest:

Taking a stroll

The frozen benches

The gazebo

Statue of Ion Creangă, Romanian writer

The Christmas decorations at the park’s entrance

  9 Responses to “Cişmigiu under snow”

  1. What a wonderful collection of snow pics! No wonder this is your favourite park! 🙂

  2. I can see why people with cameras like to walk in this park.

    Haha, the old rivalry between the Nikons and Canons. I have a Canon too. 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this series of photos, Andreea! So different from Florida, but reminiscent of Minnesota and other cold places I've lived. In spite of how cold it looks, it also looks very beautiful, and while I wouldn't wander about in that weather, I understand why residents would risk the cold to taste the delights of this delightful park.

  4. Great series of pictures, I am almost wishing to get some snow here, but not too seriously… My favorite one is the photo with the benches, but every picture you took say something more of this beautiful park.
    By the way, both Trillian and I have a Canon!

  5. oh, all of them are just great snow fotos! ^0^
    the 2nd and 3rd series were my favorite.
    hehe, i;m a loyal canon user also, just bought an slr recently but still don;t know how to use it esp.on low light and fast moving objects. ^0^

  6. I have to say, these almost cause me to miss winter.

  7. Great snow shots. The park looks really pretty.

  8. Very nice series, looks very inviting! The pigeon shot is great!

  9. I love the taking a stroll photo! Very nice indeed.

    My new baby is a Canon 🙂


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