Jan 052010

Versiune în română

With the arrival of the new snow, all the statues in the city have received white blankets to protect themselves from the cold. Such is the case of the statue in today’s photo, one of the four statues located in University Square, representing Gheorghe Lazăr (June 5, 1779 – September 17, 1821) a Transylvanian-born Romanian scholar who founded the first Romanian language school in Bucharest in 1818. The statue was executed in 1886 by the sculptor Ion Georgescu.

  6 Responses to “White blankets”

  1. A very impressive statue, and an superb photograph!

  2. andreea, what's the structure dome like on the back?
    the statue looks very robust and he looks good in "white". ^0^

  3. I'd say he is holding a map, trying to find someplace warm.

  4. Excellent composition and expressive monument. In this statue Gheorghe Lazăr has a resemblance to our writer Giovannino Guareschi, so I was baffled until I read your caption.

  5. arabesque: The dome is from a bank building. I have a nighttime picture of it which I might be posting soon.

  6. Even statues like blankets in January, even if the covering is snow. At first I thought the icicle falling from the book and hand was a bookmark. 🙂

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