Feb 102010

Versiune în română

In a city that lately has become paralyzed by traffic, Bucharest’s subway or metro (Metroul Bucureşti in Romanian) is by far the most reliable form of public transport. Built in 1979, the metro is cheap, safe, and relatively clean. Unfortunately it doesn’t cover all parts of the city, although they are working on extending the network which at this moment has 4 lines and 49 stations. The city center however is in my opinion very well served with stations in most of the big squares. Trains run between 5.00 am and 11.30 pm; during peak hours they run at about 3-10 minutes, while off-peak (late at night and on Sundays) one has to wait more than 10 minutes. Tickets can be bought at the booths inside the stations; a ticket for 2 rides cost about $0.85 / €0.60 while a ticket for 10 rides costs about $2.70 / €1.96. There is also a one month pass which costs about $8.4 / €6. The metro can be crowded in the morning and in the afternoon hours when people commute to and from work but during the rest of the day is pretty empty. Metro stations are not very well signposted, but with the help of a map it’s not hard to get around. All trains have maps posted inside the wagons. Today’s photograph shows the Northern Train Station subway stop.

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  1. Very nice… it still has that 1970s feel to it. Great post!

  2. If your average station is like this and the service is good you are very lucky!

  3. 49 stations isn't bad. We've got 100 now but our network was established in the 1950's so you've got a great start.

  4. It looks clean and streamlined and efficient. I think you're lucky to have as good public transportation as you do. We have almost none in central Florida…and what we do have (buses) aren't of much use.

  5. Great looking train and great looking station, very clean.

  6. I'm shocked about so low ticket prices of Bucharest metro… A month ticket for 6 EUR is something incredible.
    Check out Riga photos blog: http://rigaphoto.blogspot.com/

  7. What a fantastic shot, great capture of light and contrast.

  8. We have a limited "light rail" system in the Twin Cities which is also being expanded. Our "Park & Ride" concept is very popular – you'll see a new station on my blog today. Interesting to read about your metro system!

  9. unfortunately we don;t have a metro here, would wish to have one. ^0^
    but we do have the light rail transit, it's also the fastest and the most crowded and overpopulated during peak hours. nice to know a little info on prices for every ride.

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