Feb 252010

Versiune în română

For today a few photos from the Athenaeum’s concert hall. It has a circular shape, 600 seats and 52 loggias. The circular wall is decorate with a fresco freeze showing moments from Romanian history which was painted in 1933-1938 by Costin Petrescu. The hall has excellent acoustics.

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  1. wow! so much elegance in this hall, i mean, the designs are put into such elaborate detail, along with the gilded dome shaped ceiling.
    it's always nice to see things in perfect condition. ^0^
    really brings back the old 1888 era…
    thanks for posting it!

  2. This is incredible. What a blast from the past. It looks lush and comfortable. I'll be it is something to hear a concert here! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

  3. I'll be in loggia #7 in case anyone wants a comment.

    Well captured!

  4. I imagine that this wonderful building has been freshly restored, and very well!

  5. VP: It was restored in 2000-2004 but I'm not sure if it was only the exterior or both the exterior and interior.

    The amazing thing is that a ticket costs between 5-10 euros. I was there for a sonata recital (violin and piano) and the ticket cost me 4.5 euros. And I'm talking 5th row. It's the price of a movie ticket! They try to keep prices low so everyone would afford a ticket, including students and retired people. I imagine they get most of their funds from sponsors; they do have many sponsors listed on the program.

  6. Wow, what a place!
    I think it is nice that places like this has tickets that most people can afford!
    Something to learn for many other concert halls….. and ministers of cultures.

  7. OMG – this is like a jewelry box! It's magnificent! I wish I could snap my fingers and magically appear there for a concert or play!~

  8. Hi do you know any info on the anthenaeum, I have looked on line but the only show when the box office is open when can you get inside do you need to purchase a pass just to take pictures and can you walk up those stairs.I would like to visit April 18 which is a monday or 17 on sunday please help

  9. darci: I had tickets to a concert, that’s how I got to take the pictures. From what I know the Athenaeum can’t be visited unless you go to a concert.

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