Feb 242010

Versiune în română

Last week I’ve showed you the inside of the National Opera and today I’m following up with another cultural venue, more precisely with photos showing the inside of the Romanian Athenaeum. The Athenaeum is one of my favorite buildings of Bucharest. I think of it as something representing Bucharest, a bit like the Eiffel Tower defines Paris. Unfortunately I’m probably alone in my thinking, as most people identify Bucharest with the larger than life Palace of Parliament (and who knows… they may be right). Today’s photos show the main lobby of the Athenaeum whose central part is supported by 12 columns. The main auditorium is located above this lobby and to get there you have to climb one of the four marble stairs open to the public. There’s also a fifth central stair which is probably reserved for special occasions.

  9 Responses to “Inside the Athenaeum”

  1. Omigod! I can see why this is your favorite building. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! And your photographs are delicious – they show it off perfectly! I'm stunned!

  2. Splendid! Really very beautiful.

  3. your post makes me want to book a ticket to bucharest and see this place for myself! ^0^
    really pretty, very gold in motif and it creates this smooth pattern than even the flooring matches all throughout. ^-^

  4. Curves and shapes. Certainly looks like a must see.

  5. What a beautiful surprise, this concert hall is stunning. I'm curious to know whose statue is on the mezzanine, George Enescu?

  6. VP: You guessed right, it is George Enescu.

  7. Superb shots and "just like VP said:" a stunning place!

  8. These are delicious photos – all that marble – Yummy!

  9. Magnificent! So opulent.

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