Mar 062010

Versiune în română

A Trabby painted with scary faces and the like, which looks not to have been taken out of its parking spot in a while.

  9 Responses to “Painted Trabby”

  1. LOL! That has to be the coolest Trabant I’ve ever seen!

  2. I’ve heard these things are disasters when they are new…this is really a disaster! Looks like the tires are flat or missing, too!

  3. That Trabi is more than just “out of gas!!”

    BTW, I just gave you a blog award. Please view if on my blog:
    Kind regards and keep up the great postings, Andreea!

  4. Put a plaque on it with a resounding title and a confusing explanation and you’ll have your better than average cheap public art. I suggest ‘Delirium Trabans’…

  5. Are they supposed to park it on the sidewalk, though? I guess maybe he has an “artistic license”?

  6. Renee, in Bucharest parking is a big (well, like in ‘huge’) problem. During the Communist regime, especially in the ’70-’80s when grand ‘dormitory quarters’ were developed, as few people had cars, a 100 apartment building would often have only a tiny, 10 car parking lot (if ever). The 1990s and the years after saw an office building boom, but little public care (on behalf of the city hall) or customer care (on behalf of the developers) was paid to parking space; quite often, a 10 floor office building was raised with a meagre 20 car parking lot. Hence people’s parking their cars wherever possible: on the sidewalk, on pedestrian lanes, on bicycle lanes, even in the crossings or on the small green spots around their apartment buildings. While there are laws against this and many get charged (or have their cars picked up), these are far from solving the problem, because people often (not always though, there are many idiots around as well) have no choice.

  7. Renee: Bucharestian said it better than I could. It’s a huge problem here, everyone parks where they can and sometimes the whole city looks like a big parking lot. It’s bad being a driver (and having no place to park) and it’s worse being a pedestrian.

    Alex: Thanks.

  8. I wonder if there are any of these running around with their original motor.

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