Mar 312010

Versiune în română

Here’s a few examples of what one can buy at the Easter fair. Of course I couldn’t help myself and bought some small cups that I have no need of.

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  1. First thoughts that came to my mind, where that these products reflect “truth, honesty, love of life”, making one long to spend time with family, loved ones.
    Don’t know yet how that can be related, but am sure that I would have left the market with many, many bags.
    Please have a wonderful Thursday.

  2. Very cool fair shots. I really like some of the hanging rugs on the previous post.

  3. I especially like the eggs.

  4. I especially like the Easter eggs! The other stuff is fun to see too. Happy Easter!

  5. A lot of stuff here and most of it seems quite original, so different from the flood of Made in China we see everywhere. Am I wrong?

  6. VP: They’re not made in China. Yet 🙂 It’s funny that you asked because when I asked permission to photograph the first two stands the vendor commented “Yes lady, please, advertise this, so people would buy the real stuff and not some crappy souvenirs made in China”

  7. I must have missed this one. So many wonderful things. I don’t blame you for buying something! I’d like one of the bigger hats to wear on the golf course as a protection from the Florida sun! Lois Anne would love those eggs!

    Have a great weekend!

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