Mar 242010

Versiune în română

Two night shots of Bucharest Financial Plaza on Calea Victoriei

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  1. Hi there,

    I just came across your blog while looking for examples of interesting architecture in Bucharest. Some of us have started building a guide to architecture in Bucharest over on a website I help out with, Please feel free to add any buildings we missed!


  2. Andreea, this time you’ve got it wrong: according to the way the owners put it on the facade, it is “Bucharest Financial Plazza”. They are morons playing the smart indeed, but that is the official calling. Otherwise, great shots (even though the two images are a bit distorted on the edges, you’ve probably used the lenses at the lower end, 18 or less).

  3. Bucharestian: Oops. You’re right. I never noticed that. Yes, the shots were taken with the lens set on 17 (my lens is 17-85mm).

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