Mar 142010

Versiune în română

Today’s photo shows the upper floor of a run down house on Franceză Street, one of the streets in the Old Town that’s already been repaved. Unfortunately, the buildings that line the street are dilapidated and in great need of repairs. Despite their decaying air, I personally really love them. I believe that through all that tired look you can discern their former elegance.

For the next two weeks I’ll be blogging from abroad. I do plan on having uninterrupted service, so please continue to stop by.

  5 Responses to “Tired houses”

  1. Probably able to tell countless stories of life and its content, a timeless beautifull building, just like poetry.
    Please have a wonderful Sunday, and a save journey.

  2. It still is a beautiful building, love the balcony.

  3. It sure looks better than many of our dilapidated old buildings. And I agree with your — it’s beautiful!
    Have a safe and wonderful trip, Andreea!

  4. it sure doesn’t look old at all,.. wait till you ‘ve seen one here! ^0^m
    i think it has great details with the inscriptions 1892 in it and like you said,
    i like looking at old structure too, you can learn a lot from its history just by examining them.

  5. i almost forgot, happy travels andreea! ^0^

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