Apr 162010

Versiune în română

In case you’re wondering where I disappeared, the answer would be the northwest of Argentina, more precisely in the city of Salta, at the foothills of the Andes. I’ve seen some amazing landscapes here, but I had problems connecting to the Internet which made me unable to post. Don’t worry, I plan to make up for the break.

Today’s photograph shows one of the buildings lining Queen Elizabeth Boulevard, a boulevard located downtown Bucharest, only a few steps away from the University Square. Given the fact that this should be prime time real estate, I’m surprised that its restoration and cleaning is going as slow at it is. Except for two or three buildings undergoing renovation, nothing’s been done to restore this once beautiful street to its former glory.

  2 Responses to “Queen Elizabeth Boulevard”

  1. Postcard beauty of photography.

    Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

  2. We want to see the building of the former Cișmigiu Hotel, farther down (SW). And that big Sedesa banner on it.

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