May 262010

Versiune în română

Gheorghe Lazăr High School is Bucharest’s second oldest high school, being opened in 1860. It is named after Gheorghe Lazăr, a Transylvanian-born Romanian scholar who founded the first Romanian language school in Bucharest in 1818 and whose statue was featured on this blog last January. The high school is one of the most famous in Bucharest and its location at the southeast corner of Cişmigiu park is unbeatable: what better place to go to when you’re skipping classes? 🙂

  2 Responses to “Gheorghe Lazăr High School”

  1. A high-school with a beautiful park nearby is a very dangerous disincentive for the study…

  2. What a beautiful place. Must be a joy, both to work and learn there. Have to admit, that once during the whole time at school, I did miss lessons, while meeting a friend in the park near by.
    Please have a wonderful Friday.

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