Oct 242009

Versiune în română

For today the (in)famous Palace of Parliament looming over the city’s skyline. The building that partially blocks the view is the tower of Bucharest Financial Plaza.

  5 Responses to “Bucharest at night Part 2”

  1. WONDERFUL foto, Andreea! The big, powerful building is glowing in the night . . .

  2. whoa! the parliament is huge and very structured.
    i love how it lights up @ night.

  3. The lights and reflections are awesome. You make the (in)famous worthy of being famous.

  4. I wonder what they still keep in all those rooms… Any daring proposal to destroy this monstrosity?
    In every movie of the last twenty years, when the pretended location was for a while in Bucharest, they showed for a moment this building, the only one we knew of your otherwise beautiful city…
    I have to admit that glowing in the dark adds some dignity to the structure, your series 'from the top' is very good even for this miracle!

  5. This giant is just amazing regardless of the ideological component in its history. I'd like to see it in person one day. Hopefully there aren't any proposals to destroy this building before I'll make it to Bucharest. (; It has meanwhile become a world famous part of Romania. Gosh, I guess it could easily house the complete Louvre.

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