Oct 252009

Versiune în română

The series with Bucharest’s night shots continues with a photo of two banks: in the foreground we see the Romanian Commercial Bank, the largest bank in Romania, and in the background the National Bank of Romania, which is the the central bank of the country, the one that controls the exchange and the interest rates, supervises the credit institutions and issues the local currency, banknotes and coins.

  6 Responses to “Bucharest at night Part 3”

  1. If it weren't for the sign and if you didn't say so, I would have thought them palaces too! Fabulous architecture!

  2. Another great night photo – super!

  3. Great night shot, I like this even more than the others.

  4. this is an excellent night photo with the bands of color and architectural details

  5. How interesting that two important banks are so close together. They look great lit up at night.

  6. Love your night shot series! I agree with Hilda, magnificent architecture and great lighting.

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