Oct 092009

Versiune în română

I’ve already posted two examples (one and two) of Bucharest’s between the wars architecture. At that time the city was enjoying economic prosperity and new architectural ideas, like modernist and Art-Deco styles, were being promoted. Here are two more examples (in one photo) of Bucharest’s 1930s architecture; and this time the buildings have been renovated. To the left we have Hotel Stănescu (or Negoiu) and to the right Hotel Union. They were built in 1929-1931 after a design by architect Arghir Culina. They served as hotels until 1990 (if I’m not mistaken) and today they function as business centers. They are located at the intersection between Ion Câmpineanu Street and Academiei.

  5 Responses to “Bucharest’s between the wars architecture Part 3”

  1. Both are impressive looking buildings. How do the owners keep the buildings so white? Are they painted? Or is there no pollution in Bucharest?

  2. Beautiful image, I guess these building get a lot more maintenance and renewal than the average: they really look freshly painted or cleaned. I think buildings from this period have more to loose than others looking shabby, this is a type of architecture that has to be seen like this.

  3. A nice shot of beautiful buildings/architecture. And what a BLUE sky!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Terrific! They look absolutely beautiful and absolutely newly renovated.

  5. greetings and thank you! I used your photo and description here for a post remembering my stay at the Hotel Union in July 1987. Enjoy your site.


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