Nov 072009

Versiune în română

I haven’t posted a stencil graffiti in a long while and thought it was time to remedy that. The one in today’s photograph seems to tell the citizens of Bucharest to get moving. And I agree with it, Bucharest definitely needs more of these – bicyclists not graffiti.

  6 Responses to “Bicyclists”

  1. Nice graffiti.

  2. yeah, that's a cool way to preserve the environment from heavy pollution which we are experiencing now. ^-^

    i remember you posting some stencil shots before… liked it.

  3. Simple but with a real sense of perspective. It 'works' very well…

  4. Keep movin' – a great way to see your city I guess unless the traffic is horrific!

  5. I wish more cities encouraged bicyclists. The mayor of the city of Toronto agrees with this idea but has gotten tons of flack from motorist who think bicycles are nothing but headaches.

  6. Nice stencil! I've recently found one that looks quite similar to this one in the picture but the message was different. It says: "The revolution will not be motorized."

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