Nov 082009

Versiune în română

First of all my apologies if you tried to access Bucharest Daily Photo in the morning. I’m hosting the website on a server at home and this morning we had a power outage for three hours. I hope this won’t happen too often. I have a UPS but it’s a small one and can only sustain the server for 40 minutes. Most times that’s enough but this time it wasn’t.

Back to today’s photograph. I like reflections photographs and I like to try my hand at shooting reflections every time I find some shiny surface and something nice that reflects on it. So in today’s photo you can see one of my attempts, the tower of the Bucharest Financial Plaza reflecting on the surface of the river Dâmboviţa.

  6 Responses to “Reflections series # 2”

  1. i like all reflections
    th light is better on this

  2. Good idea to post the reflection only, some mystery is good for an beautiful image like this.

  3. As a reflection, the office building looks very industrial.

    P.S. How can you host your blog from your own server? I see you have your own domain name but I imagined all the blog content was served by Blogger.

  4. AB: Blogger offers a service where you can publish using FTP to an FTP server.;=12460

    The way I do it is, I log on to blogger, use their interface to write my post and when I press "Publish" it also ftps the contents to my private server. The only annoying shortcoming is that you can only use the classic template if you choose to do FTP and every time I try to add some bells and whistles to my blog I find out that those are not allowed for the classic template.

    You can also take a look here, this is a video I found on youtube that tells how you can set up Blogger to do ftp publishing:

  5. Nice reflection. I like the way the ripples on the water add texture.

  6. Nice reflection capture. It's even more interesting if you turn your screen upside down. (;

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