Nov 092009

Versiune în română

The first medical school was established in Romania in 1857, by a French expatriate medic by the name of Carol Davila (1828-1884). The healthcare system in Romania had been in existence since around 1700 but the doctors were schooled abroad in countries like France, Italy or Austria. As a side note, today it’s the other way around, doctors get schooled in Romania and go to practice abroad. In 1869 the National School of Medicine and Pharmacy became a department of the University of Bucharest and the first doctoral degrees were granted in 1873. In 1903 the school got a new building, which you can admire in today’s photo, designed in French neoclassical style by Louis Blanc. Fittingly, the statue that appears in front of the main entrance is of Carol Davila. It was created by the sculptor Carol Storck.

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  1. A beautiful medical school building with fine details and ornamentation! To your health!

  2. A great building, no doubts about the French origin of this design. A very interesting post.

  3. It's a handsome building. I assume it's Romanians who are going to school here and then leaving for other countries to make more money.

    It might interest you to know that quite a few Canadian doctors leave Canada to make more money in the United States, so that's why I'm assuming Romanian doctors are doing something similar.

  4. a sad thing which is also the same here…every year,there are thousands of nurse graduates here and almost 90% of them go abroad.
    but it's definitely a nice architecture!

  5. Stine: You are correct, it's Romanians who study here and then leave to find work in Spain, France, the UK. In the 90s people left for US too, but now that Romania is in the EU and Romanians can legally work in some of the European states, they stay in Europe. Last summer I took a Spanish class and out of 11 people in the class 8 were doctors who studied Spanish so they can apply for jobs in Spain. I don't blame them, I can understand that they're looking for better work and life conditions. I actually did the "going abroad" myself. I went to US to study and stayed there to work – I'm not a doctor, I'm a modest software engineer. After 11 years of living in US, we've (my husband and I) decided it's time to return and 2 years ago we moved back to Romania. Who knows, maybe a few of these people would return as well.

  6. The building displays magnificent architecture. Very interesting read, too! Carol Davila must have been a smart guy.

  7. woow look nice

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